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Well, it’s taken more than 6 months but I’ve got what has been a labor of love. I ordered the military records from the National Archives, and also got a lot of documents and pictures my Mom had during a vacation visit. I’ve put all this together in two places — first, in a binder over 4 inches thick and second, on the website USAFSS Dad. It was an absolutely neat and incredible journey to follow the documents and pictures. His story was my story because we followed Dad to every location. It stirred up memories I’d forgotten and showed me some I didn’t remember.

With all it’s negatives and downsides, I still wouldn’t trade being a military brat for anything in the world. I also will never forget my Dad’s selfless service in far away places defending our country in the USAF Security Service.

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  1. Found your site while googling the D’stadt comets and enjoyed it. Brought back some fond memories of D’stadt and my dad who just passed this March. He was USAFSS from almost the founding days until his retirement and he/we were stationed in Darmstadt twice with the 6910th, 60-63 and 66-69. Dad (SMSgt Billy Morris) was a 202 and was on Able, Baker, and Easy flight over the years there. I remember many a saturday out at Memory Field watching the Comets and traveling around Germany to games and even to France for the USAFE championships. Dad was made a “Super Booster” the second tour there. He and Johnny “Old Man” Ross stayed in touch over the years as Johhny had retired to San Angelo. Later I was in the AF and was in the 6948th and actually met someone while in the unit that worked for dad. That sure made him feel old and he took some teasing for that. Great site and great memories of your dad! Take care…

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