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Remembering Dad

I don’t know why this has been on my mind so strongly the last few months but I believe it started when I was at my Aunt Joann’s funeral in Mount Pleasant, TN. After the funeral, we all sat at a restaurant and shared family stories, and it was a flood of memories rushing back from childhood — good memories. We cried and then a second later laughed until our side hurt! A few weeks later, I was asked to give the sermon Sunday morning at church. My sermon was called “A Living Sacrifice” and all I could think about was my Dad. He was not a perfect Dad, but as I get older, I start to realize he wasn’t as bad as I thought. Anyway, I don’t want to forget his sacrifice so to help remember it and share it, I do what I know how to do —  make websites. So I created a website to help me remember and share the research I’ve found on my Dad’s service in the US Air Force:


Military Brats

Military BratsI was doing some research on the internet and came across this film. I read the info and watched the trailer. Wow, did it explain a lot and bring a flood of memories back. I even got the old albums and pictures out from the places I grew up — Okinawa, Crete, Germany, and numerous bases in the states like Alaska, Texas, and South Carolina. My Dad was in the US Air Force and retired as a MSgt.  Here’s more info about the film:

It’s hard to imagine a military BRAT’S childhood. Moving from base to base around the world, they are at home everywhere – and nowhere. There are 1.2 million children being raised in the military today. An estimated 15 million Americans are former BRATS. They include actors Jessica Alba and Robert Duvall, Senator John McCain, and basketball star Shaquille O’Neal.

BRATS is the first cinematic glimpse into a global subculture whose journey to adulthood is a high-octane mixture of incredible excitement and enormous pain. Make no mistake – BRATS is not about the U.S. military – it’s about their children, who grow up in a paradox that is idealistic and authoritarian, privileged and perilous, supportive and stifling – all at the same time. Their passports say “United States,” but they’re really citizens of the world.

Singer/songwriter and Air Force brat Kris Kristofferson leads us through the heart of their experiences, sharing intimate memories with fellow BRATS, including General Norman Schwarzkopf and author Mary Edwards Wertsch, whose ground-breaking book, Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress, was one of the seminal inspirations for this film. Their stories reveal the peculiar landscape of their childhood, the culture that binds them together, and the power it exerts over their adult lives.

A seven-year work of passion by independent filmmaker Donna Musil, BRATS features rare archival footage, home movies and private photographs from post-war Japan, Germany, and Vietnam.

Goodbye, Aunt Joann

Mrs. Joann Love Foster (Aunt Joann) passed away on Monday, November 24, at Middle Tennessee Medical Center in Murfreesboro.

Born April 10, 1930, in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee, she was the daughter of the late Joseph and Althea Satterfield Love. She was the wife of Gene Foster, Sr., of Murfreesboro whom she married on June 1, 1952. She was a graduate of Hay Long High School in Mt. Pleasant. Mrs. Foster was a homemaker and a partner with her husband in the American Termite Company. She was raised in the First Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant.

Joann loved to dance. She and Gene could be found dancing the night away at The Bull Pen in Nashville or the Moose in Murfreesboro.

In addition to her husband, survivors include one son: Gene (Sandy) Foster, Jr., of Summertown; grandchildren: Tim Foster, Jr., of Murfreesboro, Jimmie Foster of Lewisburg and Stephen Foster of Mt. Pleasant, Mich.; 9 great-grandchildren; one brother, Richard Love of San Antonio, TX and one sister: Carole Hendrix of San Antonio, TX. She was preceded in death by a son: Richard Timothy Foster and one grandson: Brian Foster Shultz, 10 brothers and sisters and a beloved canine companion, Benji. Pallbearers will be Tim Foster, Jr., Jimmie Foster III, Stephen Foster, Bill Love, Jr., Drew Love, Thomas Jones, Jr., and Jason Smith. Honorary pallbearers will be Walter Marlin, Joe “Sonny” Roddy, and students of the Foster Wado Dojo Karate School.

Although it was sad circumstances, it was good to see the extended family again. Being a military brat, I only got to see them roughly every 3 years when Dad would be stationed at a new Air Force base. We would always come home to Mt. Pleasant / Columbia, TN to visit family before moving on to the next base.  Mom (Joann’s sister) flew in from Texas along with Uncle Richard. It was neat to find out that his daughter, my cousin, Angie was living here in Nashville. We had lived in Greece, her in Athens, me in Crete when were very young and our parents would visit each other. I saw Little Bill, Uncle Bill’s son and his Mom, Aunt Martha. It was a wonderful time watching Timothy, my youngest son, listen to the stories he’s never heard before.

Hello, Elijah David Hendrix

Timothy holding Elijah

Timothy holding Elijah

Elijah David Hendrix joined us on October 8th, 2008 at 10:11pm at 8 pounds, 9 ounces and 21 inches long. He gave us a little bit of a scare by running a high temperature, but now all is fine. The hospital kept him a few days in NICU while they ran tests but they all came back negative and he got to leave the hospital Sunday. He’s an incredibly handsome little guy (yes, I’m biased!) and Grandma is totally in her element helping with Elijah. Below is a link for more pictures of Elijah.

See pictures here.

Summer Vacation Shutterbug Contest

The Tennessee Magazine

The Tennessee Magazine

Timothy did it! He won 1st Place in the Summer Vacation Shutterbug Contest in the Youth category for “The Tennessee Magazine”. We’ve been waiting and waiting to see how he did, and we finally got notified yesterday. The picture he won with was taken at the Williamson County Fair. I had showed him a few days before going to the fair the tripod for the camera and he got real interested in long exposures. He was taking pictures of the moon at night and glowsticks and cars with trailing lights and rivers and streams. The picture he won with was a long exposure of the carnival area of the fair and shows people blurred as they come and go. It was originally color but he simply saved it as black and white for effect. A special thanks goes out to Robin Conover and her staff and everyone at “The Tennessee Magazine” for their incredible work on the magazine and it’s photos! THANKS!

To the see the photo full size, go to the follow link at his account.

Winning photo


BookMoochI thought some of you would find this website interesting. I found it from (a site where I list the books I have). What is really neat about it is you can swap books. You list the books you are willing to mail out. Others find them and request them from you. Each book you send out credits you with one book you can request. I am sending out 3 books today. I have probably over 40 books sitting around that I will never read again (mostly fiction). As much as I love books, I hate to see them sitting around collecting dust and not getting read.

Give it a try at

Here’s my bio

Wonderful Father’s Day

I had a great day. Went to church, taught Sunday School, and then went with Daniel to pick some great steaks for a Father’s Day cookout at a good friend’s house (Tim Wood). Daniel got me a hilarious card and a book called “99 Questions – God’s Answers for Dads.” Ben got me a book called “No Atheists in Foxholes: Prayers and Reflections from the Front.” Thomas, who is an active duty Combat Medic, called and let me know he still loved me! He’s stationed in Washington, D.C. with the Old Guard (Army’s oldest regiment). Timothy is the only son, my youngest, who was not at home. He’s in Indiana with World Changers working on homes. Ben and his wife Andrea came over and played cards with us for the day at home and also gave us some great news — another baby is on the way. They already have one child Dominic. This will be the second. I’m starting to feel old! It was a wonderful day. I am truly blessed.

Father's Day gift - DanielFather's Day gift - Ben

Nana and Papa

Well, Jo Ann’s parents are in town for a 2 week visit. They are visiting us from Topsham, Maine. We picked them up from the airport and Timothy took some great shots using the Canon 20D. I have included the link below to Timothy’s own account. Enjoy the pictures. Timothy is doing great learning photography.

Nana and Papa pictures

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