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However you choose to do it — online, computer, or pen and paper — just do it.

Here’s a good starting place.

The Resonance of Freedom — wherever you find it

In Order to LiveI came across this quote while reading some news apps on my iPhone and it just captured me:


“Along my journey I have seen the horrors that humans can inflict on one another, but I’ve also witnessed acts of tenderness and kindness and sacrifice in the worst circumstances imaginable. I know that it is possible to lose part of your humanity in order to survive. But I also know that the spark of human dignity is never completely extinguished, and that given the oxygen of freedom and the power of love, it can grow again. This is my story of the choices I made in order to live.”


from “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, Yeonmi Park with Maryanne Vollers



I’ve been attending Grace Chapel now for almost 3 years and so far, it’s been transformational — all due to the people that are now part of my life who also attend there.

I absolutely love working for the Resource Center helping people with Bible and book choices in our book store. I’m also just starting to work on the Tech Team with audiovisual for the Men’s meetings. I’m also loving the time of sharing during the Veterans and 1st Responders Group. And now, being part of the Heartprint Writer’s Group is just icing on the cake. I’ve always wanted to get more into writing. Not sure where it will take me but wherever I land is fine!

Back in Maine

Well, I’m back in Maine enjoying a visit with Jo Ann’s parents. We’ll spend a week enjoying the familiar spots I always like to visit. We’ll visit Chamberlain’s grave (hint: Gettysburg), Bath, Black Bridge, Brunswick, and what used to be the Brunswick NAS.

Sunday Drive in the Country!

We took a wonderful Sunday drive and enjoyed the absolutely wonderful 70 degree weather. It was great especially the breeze and wonderful skies. I took quite a few pictures and geotagged them so you can even see exactly where I took them. Just go to the FLICKR site below, enjoy the photos, and check them out on the map.


Fall Creek Falls

It’s almost 10pm and we’re winding down from our trip to Fall Creek Falls. We’re settling into the inn for the night. I actually walked down to the bottom of the falls today! It was unbelievably rocky and steep. This old fart is sore and tired! I have wonderful pictures to upload to flickr for everyone to see but Jo Ann is busy using the laptop to do her “FarmVille” on facebook! Check them later tonight or tomorrow. The Internet available here at the state park is slow and only available in the lobby and conference rooms. Anyway, it’s our 29th wedding anniversary and we’re not here to surf the net if ya know what I mean!!

New Toy for Photography

One of the things I’ve been doing with photography at my site is adding the pictures I take to the map at flickr. This lets you know where the pictures were actually taken. However, it is a manual procedure and some pictures are taken on road trips and not a locations you can easily remember especially later that night or days later when you upload the pictures. So I’m going to try this device that you simply attach someone on your person and it constantly writes your GPS location to a log. You can then later (using software) take your pictures with their timestamps and match them to the GPS log and it’s timestamps and know exactly where the picture was taken. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and update here how it goes.