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USAFSS Dad Project

Well, it’s taken more than 6 months but I’ve got what has been a labor of love. I ordered the military records from the National Archives, and also got a lot of documents and pictures my Mom had during a vacation visit. I’ve put all this together in two places — first, in a binder over 4 inches thick and second, on the website USAFSS Dad. It was an absolutely neat and incredible journey to follow the documents and pictures. His story was my story because we followed Dad to every location. It stirred up memories I’d forgotten and showed me some I didn’t remember.

With all it’s negatives and downsides, I still wouldn’t trade being a military brat for anything in the world. I also will never forget my Dad’s selfless service in far away places defending our country in the USAF Security Service.

Good job, US Navy!

Captain Richard Phillips (left)

I was really proud and overjoyed at the job the Navy Seals did in freeing Captain Richard Phillips from the Somalian pirates. They did an incredible job. God bless our men and women serving in the Armed Forces.

Remembering Dad

I don’t know why this has been on my mind so strongly the last few months but I believe it started when I was at my Aunt Joann’s funeral in Mount Pleasant, TN. After the funeral, we all sat at a restaurant and shared family stories, and it was a flood of memories rushing back from childhood — good memories. We cried and then a second later laughed until our side hurt! A few weeks later, I was asked to give the sermon Sunday morning at church. My sermon was called “A Living Sacrifice” and all I could think about was my Dad. He was not a perfect Dad, but as I get older, I start to realize he wasn’t as bad as I thought. Anyway, I don’t want to forget his sacrifice so to help remember it and share it, I do what I know how to do —  make websites. So I created a website to help me remember and share the research I’ve found on my Dad’s service in the US Air Force:


Military Brats

Military BratsI was doing some research on the internet and came across this film. I read the info and watched the trailer. Wow, did it explain a lot and bring a flood of memories back. I even got the old albums and pictures out from the places I grew up — Okinawa, Crete, Germany, and numerous bases in the states like Alaska, Texas, and South Carolina. My Dad was in the US Air Force and retired as a MSgt.  Here’s more info about the film:

It’s hard to imagine a military BRAT’S childhood. Moving from base to base around the world, they are at home everywhere – and nowhere. There are 1.2 million children being raised in the military today. An estimated 15 million Americans are former BRATS. They include actors Jessica Alba and Robert Duvall, Senator John McCain, and basketball star Shaquille O’Neal.

BRATS is the first cinematic glimpse into a global subculture whose journey to adulthood is a high-octane mixture of incredible excitement and enormous pain. Make no mistake – BRATS is not about the U.S. military – it’s about their children, who grow up in a paradox that is idealistic and authoritarian, privileged and perilous, supportive and stifling – all at the same time. Their passports say “United States,” but they’re really citizens of the world.

Singer/songwriter and Air Force brat Kris Kristofferson leads us through the heart of their experiences, sharing intimate memories with fellow BRATS, including General Norman Schwarzkopf and author Mary Edwards Wertsch, whose ground-breaking book, Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress, was one of the seminal inspirations for this film. Their stories reveal the peculiar landscape of their childhood, the culture that binds them together, and the power it exerts over their adult lives.

A seven-year work of passion by independent filmmaker Donna Musil, BRATS features rare archival footage, home movies and private photographs from post-war Japan, Germany, and Vietnam.