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I’ve been attending Grace Chapel now for almost 3 years and so far, it’s been transformational — all due to the people that are now part of my life who also attend there.

I absolutely love working for the Resource Center helping people with Bible and book choices in our book store. I’m also just starting to work on the Tech Team with audiovisual for the Men’s meetings. I’m also loving the time of sharing during the Veterans and 1st Responders Group. And now, being part of the Heartprint Writer’s Group is just icing on the cake. I’ve always wanted to get more into writing. Not sure where it will take me but wherever I land is fine!

Are Mormons Christian?

The Mormons held a Community Devotional entitled “Living a Christ Centered Life” Sunday night at their stake center in Franklin, Tennessee. It was billed in the Fairview Observer with the headline “Are Mormons Christian? Find answers at Community Devotional coming June 24.”

I quote Mark Lords, one of the speakers at the devotional:

“Either Joseph was a prophet, or he was one of the world’s greatest liars.”

I recorded the devotional and present it below for discussion. It is split into 18 separate podcasts but it contains the entire devotional. You may have to increase your volume some. The sound system was not the best and there were some discussions that occurred between the speaker and questioner away from the microphones.

You can read or download the written program here.


GraceworksBoard Meeting at Graceworks. We had our monthly board meeting last night at 7pm. I stepped down from the position of Secretary for the Executive Committee for the newly elected Secretary. You can only serve for two years at a time so it’s a nice break to now just be on the board and not have to keep the minutes. We had a great meeting. Jo Ann is on the board with me and I enjoy just being with her. We kind of make a mini-date out of it.